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Zippo VAZO Hot Products: Pure Color Series 12/02

From this week we want to introduce some hot sale product of VAZO brand to all of you, and this week we chose VAZO ZE Started Kit “Pure Color Series”.


“Pure Color Series” have both practical and elegant design and are suitable for all those who searching for a pure and wonderful vape experience. 

Incorporating some seriously cutting-edge technology, this vaping device even comes in a range of colors ,so i’m sure you can find one that takes your fancy.


The “Pure Color Series”has five different color now,they are Elegant Black, Silver White, Ochre Brown, Rose Red, and Golden Orange. As you can see in our website ,all of them are in a practical and elegant design.


What’s more, 400mAh built-in Pure Cobalt Lithium battery and the longest lasting POD system ensure a longer vaping experience. At the same time, with Type-C port, it’s very convenient for charge and it also supports quick charge. 

By the way,our products have passed a lot of evaluations and earned many significant certifications. Not only did we possess food Grade PCTG POD and a brand-new U-shaped gas-liquid separation structure, but also have integrated overtime protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit and open circuit protection, over-heating, and dry-burning protection, which secure a safe and free use.


As to flavor, this week the coffee flavored POD and mung bean flavored POD are TOP2 flavor . And what about you?Would you like it ?


OK!Let us have a game,choose your favorite ZE “Pure Color Series”products from our products photo show, if you are vaporizer enthusiasts .If not, we just want you to join us,to see something beautiful,thats all !


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