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Explosion of disposable e-cigarette Puff Bar suspended in the United States July 17

It was reported on July 15 that the Puff Bar, a explosion popular e-cigarette from Shenzhen, will be suspended from sales in the United States, but other international sales will continue. 

When the FDA began to regulate e-cigarettes, it allowed the continued sale of products put on the market before August 8, 2016. Since Puff Bar was launched after that date, the agency should have the right to remove it even if it is a disposable product, even if the FDA cannot prove that the company is targeting young people. The exception is that if the Puff Bar has been sold under another name or other company before August 8, 2016, it may continue to be sold during the period under review.           


Since 2019, Puff Bar is rapidly gaining popularity with its variety of fruit flavors and fashionable designs. The company made great strides in January, when the U.S. FDA banned the use of electronic cigarettes with most flavors, but removed the exemption from disposable electronic cigarette devices. Puff bar, along with other brands, soon became popular. By April, the company reported sales of millions of dollars a week.           


Public health advocates, beset by regulatory loopholes, have asked lawmakers to take action against Puff Bar and other disposable e-cigarette manufacturers. In June, democratic representative Raja krishnamourthi of Illinois asked the FDA to ban the sale of Puff Bar products because the company was suspected of targeting children.          


Currently, Puff Bar is the target of at least two lawsuits.           


On July 1, the Boston based Institute for public health advocacy sued Puff Bar and its distributor Cool Clouds Distribution Inc., for promoting and selling e-cigarettes to children in Massachusetts. On the same day, a Florida law firm filed a class action against Cool Clouds, New Jersey.     


Although U.S. sales have been suspended indefinitely, Puff Bar products are still available on other e-commerce sites, such as

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