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How to view the offline mode of e-cigarette July 28

lThe brand effect of e-cigarette is more prominent than before, and famous brands will continue to lead consumption. Famous brands as the brand representatives in the eyes of the consumer, because of their mature manufacturing technology. At the same time, the products with early and widely offline sales are still the first choice to the consumer. Therefore, the consumer  will  give priority to the brand when they purchase products, so there is a huge space for the growth of middle and high grade products.


lWhen distinguish the important attributes of e-cigarette, the attributes representing quality, such as vaporing experience or using feeling, have become the most valued  attribute for the consumer. In addition, products that meet the consumer’s taste and contain the concepts of "natural and safe" will become more and more popular.


By David  Director of VAZO  



 How to select e-cigarette brands?

 David gave five suggestions as follows: 


1. When choosing products, please choose those with mature technology.It is suggested that not only producers、 operators, but also consumers should try their best to choose products that have been proven safety enough, and do not only choose products with new and unique functions but without third-party certification;


2. Make a completely evaluate about products. When we choose a brand, we should not only evaluate the market influence of the product itself, but also conduct detailed investigation on the production and operation behind the brand;


3. Make a comprehensive evaluation of the investment. For investment, we should not only calculate the start-up capital, balance of revenue and expenditure, profitability, and cost recovery, but also consider the business risk together with the medium and long-term reinvestment funds;


4. Make sure of the legal compliance of the agency brand.We are very clear about the current regulatory focus, but the key issue is the implementation of these regulatory laws and regulations, and predict the future direction according to the policy guidance;


5. Consider the sustainability of the agency brand. When predicting the sustainability of the brand,we can not just judge it from the volume of media, but the company's ability to deal with the crisis.

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