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PMTA! The end of America's small and medium sized e-cigarette companies Aug 22

PMTA could shut down at least 14,000 small and medium sized e-cigarettes in the United States.


Diane Caruana, author of VapingPost, a vertical media outlet of the e-cigarette industry abroad, has written about the impact of PMTA on the local e-cigarette industry in the United States.


Last week, as the costly and cumbersome pre-market authorization (PMTA) deadline for tobacco products passed, many smaller e-cigarette companies inevitably faced closure.


The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act requires that all tobacco products be CERTIFIED as PMTA before they can be sold nationwide.


Originally set for May 12, several entities, including Altria Group Inc. and the Tobacca Association NATO, asked the FDA to extend the deadline as the deadline approached and complications from the coronavirus pandemic arose.


To that end, the agency filed a request on March 30 to extend the deadline by 120 days, and on April 3, Judge Paul Grimm of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland had to ask for a September 9, 2020, deadline.

the PMTA process has destabilized at least 14,000 small and medium sized e-cigarette companies in the United States. Wheeler continued: "PMTA will also force me to lay off 31 employees. With COVID-19 leading to record unemployment, now is not the time to take more jobs off the market."


 In addition, the law requires the FDA to determine the scientific characteristics for each product application submitted, despite all available scientific evidence that the risk of the product has been reduced. To do so, all applicants must demonstrate to the federal government that their products have an appropriate scientific benefit in protecting the public from smoking-related diseases.



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