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The European organization for tobacco harm reduction has issued a declaration : Treating access to tobacco alternatives as a human right July 21

According to Vapingpost, European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) have issued a declaration on behalf of millions of smokers who have successfully quit smoking or reducing harm. They have declared their rights in Europe through safer alternatives such as e-cigarettes and snuffs.           


ETHRA consists of 21 consumer associations in 16 European countries. The declaration, launched in May last year on behalf of 27 million grassroots consumers in Europe who use safer products to quit smoking, urges policymakers to recognize the benefits of reducing tobacco hazards by World No Tobacco Day.   

Although there is evidence to support the use of risk reducing products (e.g. e-cigarettes and snuffs) to quit smoking and reduce harm, some European countries are still imposing unnecessary prohibitions and restrictions on such products.          


To this end, the ETHRA declaration, a document written by consumers, is promoting intelligent and appropriate regulation of products so that the public who want to continue to use safer alternatives to quit smoking or reduce harm can continue to use them. 


ETHRA's 21 partners (representing millions of consumers in 16 countries) urge the European Union, the World Health Organization and European and other governments to take these important principles into account in policy making:

l Access to ways to reduce harm, including tobacco harm, must be considered a human right;

l Consumers of safer nicotine products must be seen as essential stakeholders in policy discussions;

l Regulations on safer nicotine products must reflect the risks associated with smoking risks;

l Regulators must recognize that choosing multiple products and flavors is key to the success of safer nicotine products that make people quit smoking;

l When considering prohibitions aimed at protecting young people, regulations must take into account harm to adults;

l Tax policies must take into account that higher taxes on safer nicotine products increase smoking rates. 


Unfortunately, WHO is still claiming inaccurately that electronic nicotine delivery systems and smoke-free alternatives are not conducive to smoking cessation, for example, e-cigarettes are more harmful than combustible tobacco; in terms of addiction, nicotine is equivalent to heroin and other incorrect information.          



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