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VAZO: Can Zippo Replicate the Legend of the Cigarette Lighter Industry? Apr 26

As one of the star tracks of the new consumer sector in 2019, e-cigarettes have attracted entrepreneurs from all walks of life. At the same time, the arrival of small smoke era, but also let people see more diversified consumer choices.

Founded in the 1930s, Zippo, a well-known American brand of metal lighters, has maintained a good reputation for its wind-proof technology, excellent product design and quality control. In 2018, Zippo Manufacture Company registered a subsidiary, VAZO, which entered the e-cigarette market as a R & D and branding Company.

In fact, more people know Zippo from its lighter products, and the market often appear high-priced collectible style. VAZO's vice president told 36 Krypton that in addition to its continuing commitment to the traditional business, Zippo ecig also values innovation and has formed an innovation division. Starting in 2014, Zippo began to set up the working group on e-cigarette category, and to carry out initial research and development work.


"As China is the birthplace of e-cigarette technology and controls 90 per cent of the world's development, production and manufacturing resources, we have invested and established a complete design, R & D, testing, production and marketing team in China to better align with technology and manufacturing to achieve global production and marketing integration. "

VAZO's design philosophy is the same as Zippo's. We hope each of our products can be practical and artistic at the same time.

VAZO said the brand unveiled hundreds of designs at the Shenzhen E-cigarette show in April, which were created by a team that combined Zippo and VAZO industrial designers, finally, the cartridge-changing e-cigarette Ze and the disposable e-cigarette ZT were introduced through screening. "In addition to having front-end ID industrial design engineers to control the functionality and artistry of the product, we have also formed a research and development team to implement the design, including process engineers, material engineers, physical and chemical analysis engineers, test engineers and so on. "

It is understood that the VAZO ZE cartridge changing electronic cigarette is more suitable for business people and heavy smokers, while the ZT disposable aerosol stick is more suitable for specific situations with social needs, "We prohibit the sale of such products to minors and do not encourage non-smokers to try them. "

On the supply chain side, VAZO combines some of ZIPPO's previously accumulated supply chain resources and takes about 2 years, the principle, structure, technology and parts of the product have been tested many times (with the participation of its own testing system and third-party testing organizations) , and finally passed the European Union TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and the United States FDA HCPC test, and its finished cell batteries passed the United States UL test.


The VAZO E-CIGARETTE team is largely based in China, with its products recently being launched in the country. "We will continue to expand our market share this year, maintaining a growth rate of more than 35 percent per month. We will increase market input and penetrate our products to the end. " VAZO has tapped into e-commerce platforms such as and TMALL, and on the day of its debut in, turnover has entered the Top 10 list, according to data.

VAZO said the company hopes to use its brand influence to persuade smokers to focus on the health of themselves and their relatives and friends in China, which has the largest smoking population in the world, in addition, the environmental pollution caused by burning tobacco can be reduced by substituting tobacco.

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