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Zippo Enters E-cigarette Market Apr 26

With the endorsement of Zippo lighter in hand, the VAZO brand entered the domestic e-cigarette market before its "Home" in USA. 

Recently, the brand director of VAZO, Shi Runwei, said that the Chinese market is not only a testing ground, but the main battleground against the background of production advantage and larger market. With VAZO's arrival, the domestic e-cigarette market pattern will be sure to change.

On June 18, VAZO, an e-cigarette brand, launched its first e-cigarette and replaceable e-cigarette in its official flagship stores on Tmall, and other channels. Datas from show that VAZO hit the top 10 of the e-cigarette category on the day of the "6-18" debut. VAZO is currently divided into two product lines, pods-changing and one-time e-cigarette products, pricing similarly to RELX, an earlier entry of e-cigarette brands.

In fact, VAZO's entry into the top 10 of e-cigarette brands on the first day of launch is related to the ZIPPO name behind it. Nearly 90 years of history, the production of more than 500 million lighters, and through a large number of cooperative products, so that Zippo lighters have long broken tobacco peripheral product attributes, and has turned into a cultural symbol. VAZO,  with the "Zippo" endorsement, is also believed to be born with a "Halo" .

At the same time, unlike many other e-cigarette products on the market at present, VAZO has a unique appearance and a wider product line. In the case of VAZO disposable e-cigarettes, the air intake holes were also removed to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering. "VAZO has been in development for five years, " Shi said.

It is reported in 2014, that the United States Zippo Manufacture Company (hereinafter referred to as "ZMC") will set up an independent e-cigarette category working group, continued to participate in market research, team-building and product development. In 2018, ZMC registered "VAZO" as a brand name exclusively for e-cigarettes and related products. In the same year, ZMC incorporated in Hong Kong to provide integrated services for VAZO'S R & D, production, marketing and sales by integrating design, R & D, testing, production and marketing teams, complete the global production and marketing integration layout. "There are more than 100 VAZO members in the whole team, including more than 40 at the front end of the production line. The R & D team is based in the factory. We have been strictly controlling the quality from the production end, " said Shi.

At the same time, VAZO also adopts its own design scheme in the aspect of appearance of e-cigarette. In the case of VAZO, the aluminum frame comes from Foxconn and is made of the same material as the IPHONE Xr, while the "Skyrim" panels come from Huawei factories, which match colors similar to the "Aurora, " Shi said.

After five years of refining products , the brand missed the market "Blue Ocean" , facing the capital accumulation of the e-cigarette market. VAZO wants to "first come, first served" through Zippo brand channel advantage. 

Shi Runwei said that after taking the lead in setting up the online channel, VAZO will take advantage of Zippo's more than 1,500 direct stores across the country and upgrade its existing storefronts to launch a new Zippo collection store, which will not only sell Zippo and VAZO, but will also roll out its peripheral products. "In the future, VAZO products will be able to cover more usage and expand its market share. The target growth rate of monthly sales will be over 35% , " he said.

Wang Shanhong, a principal researcher at the Shanghai Lvxin new Type Tobacco Research Institute, believes that Zippo lighters used to build the product a cultural symbol by making different shells, and under the impact of new types of tobacco such as e-cigarettes, the field has also become Zippo's search for new profit growth point of the breach.

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