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Zippo VAZO: Repurchase Builds Brand Nov 28

November 28,the first Bluehole Vaporizer Summit has been held successfully in Shenzhen,China


 At the summit, David, the Chief Brand Director of Zippo VAZO, impressed all the attendants with a brand new product of VAZO and gave a speech about the status and developing trend of the industry, and the strategy of future development.



From the perspective of distinctions of the products, David mainly concluded from three aspects:


1. Technical Trend. Much more scientific research must have been done on E-cigarette products to make it more efficient and convenient. Stay true to leverage technology to enhance product quality and promote an industry standard is the main trend in the future.


2. Market Trend. The regulation and supervise of E-cigarette is turning to be more and more restricted, causing the uncontrolled products of small brands eliminated and the quality of products of big brands enhanced.

3. Political Trend. The brands of E-cigarette must take on more corporate responsibility, taking social influences and problems into consideration from a broader sense; Define the main customer target and the dissemination of products; Regulate and shape the social responsibility of their employees; Support the establishment of Law on market access and monopoly system in the industry to protect public welfare.


Repurchase builds your Brand


 David holds that repurchase is the main factor consisting of the E-cigarette business.


You don’t need to enforce the energy and resource to educate the market,increasing repurchase of products is of great importance instead. And, only focus on the maintenance of your brand can increase the repurchase of your product, at the same time, the increase of repurchase can also build your brand.


The construction of brands needs patience, and the battle is all about every small accumulation in the process. The brand has nothing to do with the scale of the company, the number of capital, or the size of the market, instead, it’s based on honesty and practicality of the company, viewing the product as the core, service as the bond, and improve loyalty and reputation constantly.


The plan for repurchases of VAZOLet customer needs shape brand characteristics


Based on the different needs of customers, we have innovatively launched a number of best selling products. Products with different prices and different attributes can meet different types of users.


 In terms of flavors, we will continue to introduce new flavors based on market feedback, and we are currently launching them at an average monthly rate of two. In addition to the basic fruit flavors, there are also special flavors such as guava soda and Jasmine tea, and there are more customized models such as ice cream, ice blasts, etc., which can be said to have fully met the needs of customers and truly achieve 100 percent custom.


In the field of disposable cigarettes, we also made many explores and breakthroughs. Besides upgraded the original ZT products, we also introduced ZT Lite version, making it more convenient for the customer to buy our products from diversified channels, which is an important part of the customer experience.


Thinking like customer, concerning for them, and customizing products for them is our self-requirements in shaping brand according to customer needs and the unchangeable original aspiration of VAZO.


The plan for repurchases of VAZO Let reputation builds brand loyalty

ZIPPO has a large fan base around the world. A good reputation is an important guarantee for strong brand strength and brand loyalty, and we understand the importance of this.


Therefore, in the design of offline stores, under the premise of considering the elements attribute to bring store popularity. 


Another guarantee of brand popularity is multi-frequency and efficient offline promotion. VAZO not only appeared in major e-cigarette exhibitions across the country, but we also participated in a large number of regional tours in response to the needs of local distributors.


At the same time, we have also established long-term cooperation with major music festivals, live house performances, and major sports events, placing advertisements in supermarkets across the country,and so on.


VAZO has achieved good results in 2020, which is inseparable from the recognition and support of the entire market and all consumers. In the coming 2021, we will also bring users more diversified, better quality products, more convenient purchase channels, and a better purchase experience. Every step we move forward is inseparable from the suggestions and support of users.




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